Upravit stránku

Transport of oversized cargo

Do you need to transport oversized load? Are you not sure who to contact? You can rely on the transport of oversized load provided by GoldService.

Our services also include the transport of heavy and oversized load. Execution of all necessary permits and escort for oversized load is a matter-of-course when transporting oversized load. If you are interested in the transport of oversized load, please contact us via the form below.


    What we consider oversized cargo?

    Everything exceeding:

    • 2,5 m (8,2ft) width
    • 3 m (9,8ft) height
    • 13,6 m (44,6ft) length

    When transporting oversized load we also arrange:

    • loading by a crane
    • due fixing of load
    • insurance to the required amount
    Below you can find a list of a few possible things we can transport. In general, we can manage anything up to 48 tonnes of weight and 30 meters (98,4 ft) of length.

    What can you use transport of oversized load for?

    • combines
    • ships
    • excavators
    • agricultural machinery
    • bulk containers
    • cooling towers
    • grinders
    • construction material
    • etc.