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Customs declaration

Do you need to export trading goods outside EU or the other way round to import goods from EU member states to the Czech Republic? Contact us and we will arrange a trouble-free movement of goods in accordance with all regulations and complete all necessary documents. We offer professional services in the field of customs negotiation, i.e. performing customs proceedings in relation to the import, export and transit of goods.

Contact us and we will help you with the whole load transport process all over Europe and to the Near East.

We issue the following documents:

  • complex transport documents for the transport of goods all over Europe and outside the EU.
  • CARNETS, CMR, SAD, transit declarations, customs invoices and completion of forms for customs clearance
  • T1 documents for countries outside EU
  • documents necessary for ADR transport

 We arrange complex customs services for you

  • customs clearance of shipments
  • direct representation during the customs proceedings both in export and import
  • gradual clearance
  • documents neutralization
  • Intrastat processing is a matter-of-course

Apart from customs declaration we arrange also customs consultancy services. In order to issue all necessary documents we need several pieces of basic information and documents: invoice, power of attorney for representation at the Customs Office, extract from the Commercial Register, registration of VAT number.

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