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Maritime and sea transport

Are you looking for professional shippers who will take care of the transportation of your shipment? Contact our company, as we are the leading shippers in the Czech Republic.

We are able to arrange both maritime and sea transport of any shipment including transport documentation from most places in our country to the destination. We offer you reliable and fast maritime and sea transport.

In maritime transport we successfully use a combination of containers to deliver the goods to the client's yard. Cooperation with leading shipping companies gives you 100% guarantee of a reliable delivery.

We are shippers that understand your wishes and needs for fast and trouble-free sea freight shipping.

Maritime and sea transport offers complex service

  • shipment collection
  • reloading
  • customs clearance
  • insurance
  • delivery to the client

Maritime and sea transport uses quality containers.

Containers of various sizes and kinds are used in maritime transport for the transport of goods.

Rigid containers

  • 20“, 5,9m long with load bearing capacity of 21,800kg and volume of 33cbm
  • 40“, 12m long with load bearing capacity of 26,700kg and volume of 67cbm

Other containers

  • with the possibility to open the ceiling or side, or bulk containers

For more information about maritime and sea freight shipping options, please contact us by email at info@goldservice.cz or use the form below.

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