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Unmanned gas station in Pelhřimov, Czechia

  • Our own petrol station was built on the site of Gold Service s.r.o. at the end of 2008.
  • Refuelling is carried out on a self-service basis using chip cards.
  • You can choose one-card or two-card system/driver+vehicle/.
  • After refuelling a document with all details, such as amount and price of fuel, is automatically printed on the stand for a our verification.
  • Cards are always protected by a PIN code.
  • Issuance of a new card or change of data on the card in 10 minutes.
  • Every Monday we will inform you by email about the current price of diesel + other prices of fuels for the whole week.
  • Payment for refuelling is made by invoice with a due date agreed in advance.
  • The invoice includes a detailed abstract stating the date, time, price of fuel, driver and vehicle refuelled.
  • The site is open non-stop and under constant surveillance for your safety. Upon a prior notice it is possible to refuel outside these hours.
  • Upon signing the contract you can purchase fuel for passenger cars up to large trucks.
  • For more information about the price of fuels please contact info@goldservice.cz or 603 111 079