Upravit stránku

Safe transport of hazardous materials

GOLD SERVICE s.r.o. is a Czech logistic company that provides complex forwarding services also in the field of ADR transport (also known as HazMat transport). It means manipulation with hazardous materials and transportation ofdangerous goods. We are able to provide fully equipped vehicles driven by professional drivers experienced in ADR transport.

We can cope with the transport of hazardous materials of all sorts. Do not hesitate to ask us any question or order transport.

What are the conditions for ADR road transport?

  • It is only permitted to transport such hazardous load by road as defined in the international ADR Treaty (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).
  • Particularly hazardous substances can be transported only based on a permit by the Ministry of Transport.
  • Transport of nuclear substances requires an approval of the State Office for Nuclear Safety.
  • Specially equipped vehicles with drivers trained in the transport and handling of ADR.

Necessary documents for the transport of hazardous load

  • Dispatch note for ADR transport - name and identification number of the substance, sender, receiver (in the sender’s language and in English, German or French).
  • Written instructions in case of an accident or emergency - in the language the driver understands; uniform for all member states that agreed with the ADR Treaty.
  • Vehicle approval certificate
  • Certificate of the driver's training
  • In case of oversized load: transport documentation, oversized load permit and documents about the escort.