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We are extending storage spaces by 5,000 pallet storage locations

14. 04. 2016
Rozšiřujeme skladové prostory GOLD SERVICE

The advantage of GOLD SERVICE’s services is that they are complex - not only that you can lease storage spaces as such, but you have the possibility to use logistics services such as keeping of inventory records and labelling, reloading of goods, goods picking and their distribution to the clients. We have goods news for you - now we are extending the storage spaces by additional 2,400 m2, which equals to 5,000 pallet storage locations. The works are expected to finish in September 2016

Where are our new storage spaces? Naturally, in a strategic location in Pelhřimov which is easily accessible from the D1 motorway exit. If you are interested in the lease of GOLD SERVICE warehouses, please contact us as soon as possible.

Why to lease GOLD SERVICE warehouses?

  • You can lease a whole hall or only a required number of locations.
  • At the moment we have 3 roofed halls with a total capacity of 16,000 m2 and outdoor warehouses of 2,000 m2. In September other storage spaces of 2,400 m2 will be bulit so we will grow up to 10,500 m2
  • Possibility of reasonable storage in customs warehouse - storage of goods without VAT or in transit mode.
  • Lease of a warehouse including complex services - keeping of inventory records, reloading of material and goods, picking of goods according to your requirements, packing and labelling, distribution of goods.
  • Use of a tax warehouse for the storage of sensitive goods (wine, beet etc.) without paying the excise tax immediately.

Take a look at how the construction of new warehouses is going on.

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