Upravit stránku

Domestic transport, road transport

Do you need to transport goods or other material from one end of the Czech Republic to the other? We have a solution for you. We are Gold Service s. r. o., a forwarding company, and we provide domestic road transport and transportation of any load. For domestic transport we use reliable MAN trucks with SCHMITZ three-side curtain semi-trailers equipped with mobile phones and satellite navigation.

What conditions does the load for domestic transport have to meet?

  • Maximum weight of the transported load is 25,000 kg.
  • Standard dimensions of the load floor of a combination vehicle are 15.4m length x 2.48m width x 3m height.
  • If your load exceeds these parameters, it is necessary to use special trucks intended for the transport of oversized loads.
  • We will be happy to arrange proper load insurance.